Bien por ti

Si has llegado hasta aquí quizás quieras saber algo más de acerca de mí, ahora estoy renovando todo el contenido, incluyendo trabajo de UX/UI y revisando textos.

Si quieres puedes llamarme al 607 472 649 y me cuentas que es lo que te ronda la cabeza.

The left hand of a left-handed

I am just a lucky person in love with my family and my work. I’ve always been a Visual Designer. Everywhere I look, I see design and taste. I’m an essence searcher who admires simplicity. That’s why Design is essential for me, since it ‘s the ultimate expression and shape of everything.
So… I am focused in my work which is also my passion.
I am specially fascinated by the use of illustration in a simple way that seeks to beautify our environment and at the same time provide solutions where it appears… say something