Rad bike. Perhaps Triumph should consider a restyle…

Time to this eternal caferacer CRD 01

Collaboration with this big CafeRacer enthusiastic.


This #03 CRD and the #02 marked the beginning of a memorable line.

Vespa et3 montava uno scarico particolare e di solito erano di colore azzurro. So sorry when I think about Vespa I´ll love speak italian.

To celebrate 50K instafollowers we choose CRD #50

yes we do, that is.

Almost 5 years after, its time to see the famous cloud with different eyes

From a photo and patience/art is one of the most beautiful CRD vectorize…will be a poster.

I made this dragon so that nothing can stop the board

illustration for my favorite blogger, the article is about the choices we make in life and how important they are.

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